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Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Neuroscientist and Career Mentor

Dr Gaurav Sharma , popularly known as DGS Sir, has dedicated his life to helping students. Discover the real joy of learning. Over the last 15 years , he has directly impacted the life of thousand of students from different schools of India with his seminars, workshops and classes. The creator of the only course which involves the Neuroscientific methods with easy to learn techniques , the best systematic course of personal , academic and professional growth.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Courses We Offers


Its About

  • How Our Brain Learns.
  • Neuroscience of Engaging Our Brain.
  • Emotions and Memory.
  • Understand the concept of focus and how we can focus on something and how we can have a wavering focus.
  • Learn critical thinking and the process of the mathematical approach of observation.
  • We will go through a phase of frustration and boredom to understand the level of brain stimulation.



So start your journey with the expert mentor and your guide

7 weeks LIVE with DGS in a environment of total immersion!

  • At first we will discover who you are — you will create your own life-plan
  • Connect with your true self and ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life and career which will give you the best of finances, health and relationships.
  • You will gain a clear understanding of what truly motivates you; and how to keep alive the spirit of success and how to manage hurdles.



  • Understanding of neuro-biology of a developing child
  • The behavioural aspect of growth
  • How to create a conducive environment for the better learning of the kid
  • How we can improve his/her focus and upgrade mindset

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